1A Ms. Dunn


               First Grade at a Glance

REMINDER:  The children are writing their Homework in their Assignment Pad starting this month.

We are working on Unit 6 in the Adventures of the Superkids program.  The children are learning new Memory and Pattern Words in this Unit.  They are learning words with the long vowel sound.  They are identifying short and long vowels and their symbols (smile for short and line for long).  They are also learning about rebuses (pictures that take the place of a word) and antonyms (opposites).  The children are also forming plurals with s and es and categorizing activities as pretend and real.  The story they are reading is "The Foolish Giant" and the poem is "When I Am a Princess".  The children will be writing about being a character from the story.  We will also begin Unit 7.

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We are working on Chapter 5 (Addition and Subtraction Relationships).  The children are using related facts to determine unknown numbers, using related facts to subtract, choosing an operation and strategy to solve various word problems, adding and subtracting in different ways to make the same number, determining if an equation is true or false and adding and subtracting facts within 20. 
At this time the children should also be able to demonstrate fluency for addition and subtraction within 10. Please continue using Flash Cards at home to help with this.  Please use the IXL Program as well.
We will also begin Chapter 6 on Counting and Modeling Numbers.


We are beginning Unit 2 on We Are Followers of Jesus.  The children will be learning new Key Words: Apostles, Lord's Prayer, Temple, and Easter Sunday.  They will be learning about the people who followed Jesus and what they learned from him and they will explore the meaning of the words in the Lord's Prayer.  They will also be learning that Jesus loves us and that he died on the cross and rose to new life for us.  
We are learning about ways the sun helps and harms things on Earth, the patterns that cause night and day, and how the weather changes from season to season.  The children will soon be working on a project at home that includes writing a report on an assigned planet and making a 3D model of their planet.     


We are learning about what a community is, the differences between a city and a town, what a map is and its parts (title, compass rose, legend, key and symbols) and how to locate things on it.  Next we will be learning about Symbols of the United States.


We are writing about what we hope to do in 2019, our New Year's Resolution and activities we like to do in the Winter.  We will also be working on an acrostic poem about a snowman.                                        

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