3A Mrs. DeSena

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                                     How Did We Get Here!

Monday is the trip to Safety Town in Eisenhower Park. If it does not rain we will go with the schedule that was set in place.  However the weather does not look promising so the children will attend the inside program that the Safety Town Crossings Guards provide.  We will then return to school for lunch and recess. 

                                Wednesday- Technology
                                Thursday - Music and Library
                                 Friday- Art

Chapter 12 is on Two Dimensional Shapes.  This week we will look at identifying polygons, classifying and drawing quadrilaterals.

The children will create an Oliver K. Woodman with materials brought into school.  We will also work from the NYS Coach Book.

        Jesus Sign

Chapter 15 in We Believe is the celebration of the Sacraments. The lesson will begin with Baptism and Confirmation Sacraments of Initiation followed by Sacraments of Healing which are Reconciliation and Anointing of the sick.  Finally we will discuss the Sacraments of Service which includes Matrimony and Holy Orders.


 This week we will look at different kinds of energy such as stored energy , motion energy and electrical energy.

     Social Studies