7th Grade Life Science

Life Science

Class Dojo:
I am excited to introduce the Dojo App to you! You may have gotten an email regarding our "Class Dojo." Dojo is a website and app that I am using to track behavior points in class. Students are rewarded with points for completing tasks and having a positive attitude. They can also lose points for forgetting homework or disruptive behavior. You can also send me messages directly!
Attached is the codes you will need to register as a parent. Find your student's name and use the code starting with a "P" on that page. (Please click here for codes!)
Please feel free to contact me with any questions about this! I am excited to facilitate the school-home connection with this new app!

We are now on Google Classroom! 
Homework and updates are posted there.
Please use the following code to join: tw1atpp
You can also download the app to receive notifications on your phone!
Parents: You cannot join the classroom as it is only open to students. To get access, have your students sign in on your device (e.g. phone, tablet, or computer) and save their username and password. That way, you can log in and check for homework and updates as needed. If you have any other questions about this, please email me.

Grades: Grades are posted on Power School. Please check it frequently for updates. If you have any questions or problems accessing it, please email me.

Photos: Please check out the photo gallery to view some pictures of our students in action!

Extra Help: Starting Thursday, 11/17, extra help will be held in my classroom starting at 7:30AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Please come with questions!

Microscope lab- Download here

Rubric for Labs: 
Highest score is a 4
4: Demonstrates thorough and consistent understanding of the lab. Integrates concepts and skills effectively. 
3: Demonstrates a basic understanding of the lab. Satisfactorily applies the expected concepts and skills.
2: Demonstrates partial understanding of the lab. Exhibits inconsistent understanding and application of concepts and skills.
1: Demonstrates minimal understanding of the lab. Limited organizational, reasoning, and critical thinking skills exhibited. Struggling to understand and apply the skills and/or concepts.

Rubric for exam:
Unit 1 Exam Rubric (7th grade)
Total points: 42. Gave a wide range for a 3!
5: (42-40) almost all the multiple choice and short answers right! Really deep understanding beyond expectations.
4: (39-37) most multiple choice correct and most of the short answers right. Deep understanding above grade level expectations. 
3: (36-30) most multiple choice correct, but missing a few of the short answers. Basic understanding. 
2: (29-25) several multiple choice incorrect as well as missing short answers. Below expectation.
1: (24 and below) most multiple choice incorrect. Most short answers incorrect. Below expectations

Mitosis/Meiosis Project- Rubric & Project choices

If you lost it, Photosynthesis lab here

Notes from virtual lab- make corrections (There is an answer key here)

Directions to get onto think central: click here

Do you know "biology" means??

bio = life
ology = the study of